Customer analytics continually improve the customer journey

Bold360 ai is always learning and enhancing the customer experience over time - and keeping you closely connected to the process so you can turn insights into action with customer data analytics.

One Customer Analytics dashboard.

A new view into the customer experience. Know what your customers are asking for.

Bold360 ai's Voices Dashboard is the finger on the pulse of your customer. Our intelligent customer analytics solution captures your customers' expectations, intentions, and interaction data to highlight the most pressing customer needs and create richer customer profiles.


Get insights out of the box with one-shot learning.

Our AI starts learning and improving from the first customer interaction.

Unlike many other AI solutions available today that require years of data and specific scripting, Bold360 ai learns from every interaction to identify customer pain points and areas where new resources or routing is required. Your Voices Dashboard will show you where you need to take action.


Segment the customer journey map for deeper understanding.

Follow any, or all, customer interactions for a view into their journey.

The Bold360 ai Voices Dashboard also provides a visual journey of customer interactions across channels to help understand where outcomes can be improved and to keep every conversation on course.


Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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